What is {code}bridge?

We are a civic tech incubator, but we are also a great deal more than that.

Incubators generally exist to find and develop technology start-ups. {code}bridge takes it a step further, by drawing from our community. We foster creative engagement between those who understand the problems, typically civil society and government, and those who have the technological skills that can help solve them.

Our mission is therefore to bridge the gap between grassroots activism, technology and data.

The {code}bridge philosophy aims to bring together activists, technologists, journalists, data analysts, designers, programmers and others, to create opportunities for innovations and alternative ways to address some of society's challenges.

In short, we want to use civic technology to improve lives through efficiency and transparency, connecting citizens to service.

Community evenings

Every other week, we host a community evening on Thursday night. Community evenings are a time and place where you can work on your projects, get help from others, or join others if you're keen to try something but don't have your own thing going yet.

The focus is on Civic Technology but that means more than just techies can play a part - Civic Tech means technology used for the benefit of society. e.g. building solutions to water scarcity, supporting education with tech, building a website for running Stokvels, whatever need you see where tech can help!

Data literacy training

How we plan to achieve this

  • Incubation services
    • Training and tailored bootcamps
    • Mentorship
    • Business strategy
    • Funding assistance
    • Working space
  • Events run to encourage learning, the generation of new ideas and the formation of civic tech partnerships and collaborations - particularly with community partners who are on the ground and have a good understanding of their problem spaces.
  • Community and partnerships

How to get involved

We want to develop civic technology start-ups and entrepreneurs who operate in aid of public good. Together we are looking to identify problems and solve them.

Can you use your skills to make your community better?

Get in touch with us!